Thursday, September 5, 2013

Motherhood is.....sacrificing your sweet tea!

So I've had one of those evenings where I've thoroughly enjoyed being a mother.  I mean I really thoroughly enjoy it every day but for some reason today has been one of those days where I'm sitting here thinking of just how truly blessed I am. Maybe because I had a horrible, not so good, terrible, bad day at  work and maybe just simply because I truly am blessed. 

I truly have the most amazing children. There's no doubt.  Most days I can't fathom why God chose me to be the mother of these 2 beautiful girls.  Their outsides are beautiful but their insides are too.

I love that Bella is so caring, encouraging, and was truly born with a heart of gold.  I love how she loves gymnastics and tries to incorporate it into everything....literally everything she does. haha! I can't turn around many times without caching her doing a cartwheel, front roll, hand stand, or something. I love that she loves school. I love that she loves her friends.  I love that she loves to help.  I love that she LOVES to ask questions....even though sometimes in that moment I'm not so glad about that. :) But most of all I love that she loves God.

I love that Jenna is so innocent and tender hearted.  I love that she still wants to be my baby.  I love that she truly beats her own drum and doesn't care if no one else wants to join her.  I love that she is developing a love for art and drawing.  I love that she loves music and is so intrigued by music.  I love that she is making new friends at school. I love that she loves her teacher.  And again I most of all love that she loves God.

I am blessed. There are moments where I really want to just pull my hair out but I'm blessed......even if it means they drank all of my sweet tea that I just got from Chicken Express on the way home from gymnastics before I even got a sip. :)

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