Sunday, April 28, 2013


Whew! Is it almost Monday already?? It seems like the weekends just fly by especially when we are having fun. The weather was gorgeous this weekend! This is my favorite time of year in Texas. Flowers are blooming, allergies are flaring, and by the middle of the week it will feel like winter again!  Seriously though I do love Spring in Texas!

Wednesday night I got a sweet deal from some friends who had purchased tickets for Wicked on Friday night and weren't going to be able to go.  I had 2 tickets. I had to make a decision. Do I go on a date with my hubby who isn't a big musical fan or do I take my youngest daughter who is OBSESSED with The Wizard of Oz? After much discussion Jim and I decided it made most sense for me to take Jenna.  We had a talk with Bella to make sure she understood why I was taking Jenna and not her and also to let her know that she and daddy would do something fun that night and before long I would take her on a mommy daughter date.

So Friday after work Jenna and I got all dolled up and headed to Fair Park Music Hall.  I'm not sure who was more excited, me or her! I've been wanting to see Wicked for a while. We went in and of course had to buy a nice program with all the pictures in it and then headed to go find our seats only to stumble upon the kiosks where they were selling all of the shirts and other goodies.  Jenna wanted a shirt so of course she got one. :) It pretty much sums up her life on the shirt...."I love Oz."

We went and found our seats which were amazing by the way. From the minute the musical started to the end Jenna's eyes did not leave that stage.  I wasn't sure how well she would do but figured it would keep her occupied the majority of the time. She has been quoting parts of the musical since we got home Friday night and asked when we were going in.

I believe I may have awakened a theater monster.....but I'm okay with that. :) I have always loved musicals and that sort of thing. 

It was a great weekend and luckily big sister was happy for little sister that she got to go. Now to just figure out something to do with big sister for our date night but I'm sure it won't be hard to find something.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strong Wills and AHA Moments

Our women's ministry at church had an amazing one day conference today at church. I love getting to spend time with the ladies in my church! It's amazing how different we can be yet all have this bond with each other. We had a great time and I am pretty sure every woman that attended came away from the conference with something amazing!

The part that stuck out to me the most was when our speaker was talking about. AHA moments. Those moments where you finally "get it." I've definitely had several of those in my life but have had a pretty big one recently.

As I've posted about recently, I'm seeing a new doctor to get control of my health before it starts controlling me. I've known for a long time that I needed to make changes in my life and habits but I also didn't really want to put the extra effort into it. I knew what I wanted to do and even knew what I needed to do but I had lots of excuses. A few weeks ago when I was sitting in my doctor's office going line by line through my blood work though I had an AHA moment. I need to make changes and I need to make them now. I'm not that bad off but to see how quickly I could be scared me. So I made a commitment right then that I was going to do whatever he and the health coach tell me to do.

The 1st step was the 10 day detox that I just completed. I had to eat very very clean for 10 days. We are talking fish, fruits and veggies and that was pretty much it. When Ashley told me that I thought Lord how am I going to do this? God didn't give me a strong will for no reason though. I made it through the 10 days and have felt so much better just in that short period of time! I can't imagine what I'm going to feel like when this 12 week program finishes.

Aside from the horribly disgusting drink I had to drink a couple of times a day, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought these 10 days were going to be.

I truly clung to Philippians 4:13 this week. "I CAN do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength." I discovered that God has given me a tool to use and that is my strong will. I haven't always used it for good but I believe HE gave me this tool for this very moment in my life.

I leave you with a picture of the horribly bad disgusting sand drink. 😀 And for the record I took the picture when I was almost done with the drink so just know there was a lot more of it in that cup 😀

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heart of Gold

As a mom there have been many moments that have made me proud about my daughters.  Today's post is going to focus on my oldest daughter.

Isabella is 7 and in the 1st grade.  I've known since the moment I found out that I was pregnant with Bella that God was giving me someone special.  She came at a time when I needed someone that would love me unconditionally.  I found out I was pregnant with her about a week and a half after my Papaw passed away unexpectedly. I was very close to my Papaw and really had a hard time dealing with losing him.  I was also in the middle of a marriage crisis and didn't know if we were going make it.  I was so excited when I found out I was going to have a baby.

Bella has been a gift to me since before she was ever even born. 

Earlier this year Bella decided that she wanted to help others.  I love that our church is missions minded and has been teaching that even to our kids.  I've been trying to help her find ways to help others. 

A friend of Bella's named Joseph was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Joseph is one of Bella's very best friends and after doing some research I discovered the Muscle Walk which benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I talked with Joseph's mom a little bit and we decided to create a team...Joey's Jedis!  Bella was STOKED!  We started doing some fundraising and Bella was the highest earner on our team!  Today was the walk.  We ended up with around 45 people registered as of last night.  I never got a count today to see how many people walked with our team but there were many!  Many of the teachers and staff from their school joined our team, classmates, us, and Joseph's family. 

One of the teachers even contacted a Star Wars costuming group that shows up at different charity events and several of the Star Wars characters showed up today. It was AMAZING even for someone that's not really that in to Star Wars. :)

It was such an awesome day! As I watched Bella and another friend of theirs help push Joseph's wheelchair, take him to each of the tables to get things they were handing out, and make sure that he was having a good time at all times my heart felt so full and my eyes welled up with tears.  It's amazing how we underestimate our kids to actually get it sometimes.  It's not always about us and there is always going to be someone out there that's struggling with something even more than what we are struggling with. 

Joseph has been such a good friend for Bella.  She prays for him every night, prays that his doctors will find a cure for Duchenne, prays that he will be able to run and play with them the next day, and prays that his mommy and daddy will be able to be strong when he's not having a good day. My daughter amazes me daily and I am so thankful that God gave me her.

Here are a few pictures of our day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time for Change

I've known for a while that I needed to make some major changes in my life as far as my health and weight go. 

I was very athletic growing up.  I remember playing soccer (yeah just for one season when I was 4), t-ball, coach pitch, slow pitch, volleyball, basketball, and ran track all in high school.  I was very active. I'm kind of short so extra weight always showed up pretty easily on me.  Luckily since I was involved in sports I was able to keep extra weight off most of the time.

Of course that all changed once I graduated and quit playing sports.  Over the last several years I've put on quite a few pounds and unfortunately they don't come off nearly as easily as they go on.

I finally decided to see a doctor a few weeks ago that I have heard great things about. I didn't want a doctor that would just prescribe me a pill or tell me well just do this diet.  I wanted someone who would listen to me, listen to my concerns, check my body out and find out why I was having some of the problems I've been having.  I found that doctor and I am so excited about the journey I'm on now.

I visited the doctor's office about 3 weeks ago and had about 5 tubes of blood drawn. After having 2 kids that really wasn't that much but it was quite a bit.  I made my follow up appointment for three weeks later and on March 28th I met with the doctor again to go over the results of my blood work.

All I can say is WOW! First of all I have never had a doctor actually show me my blood work results much less go over them line by line and answer every question that I had.  Dr. Rice did that.  I had about 6 or 7 pages where they tested my vitamin levels, my hormone levels, and all of the other typical stuff they test.  He showed me where I was having problems and the areas that we needed to fix quickly.  Then he prescribed me a 12 week program that he does that starts out with a 10 day detoxification. 

I started the 10 day detox today.  I know that the next 10 days are going to be hard.  I basically have to eat VERY clean. No meat other than fish, no sugar, no processed food.  I made it through my first day though and I am determined to make it through the next 9 days. Then I will get to incorporate a few foods back into my diet and start the 12 week program.

I've prayed and am continuing to pray that God will give me the strength to do this.  I know that I can and I am so happy now that I know what some of my issues are and that I know that Dr. Rice is going to help me get these issues fixed.

If you live in the Forney area and have any kind of health issues I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rice at Forney Wellness. He doesn't focus just on weight but focuses on getting the body to operate the way it is supposed to.  Check him out and his health coach Ashley is an absolute doll and amazing as well!