Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heart of Gold

As a mom there have been many moments that have made me proud about my daughters.  Today's post is going to focus on my oldest daughter.

Isabella is 7 and in the 1st grade.  I've known since the moment I found out that I was pregnant with Bella that God was giving me someone special.  She came at a time when I needed someone that would love me unconditionally.  I found out I was pregnant with her about a week and a half after my Papaw passed away unexpectedly. I was very close to my Papaw and really had a hard time dealing with losing him.  I was also in the middle of a marriage crisis and didn't know if we were going make it.  I was so excited when I found out I was going to have a baby.

Bella has been a gift to me since before she was ever even born. 

Earlier this year Bella decided that she wanted to help others.  I love that our church is missions minded and has been teaching that even to our kids.  I've been trying to help her find ways to help others. 

A friend of Bella's named Joseph was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Joseph is one of Bella's very best friends and after doing some research I discovered the Muscle Walk which benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I talked with Joseph's mom a little bit and we decided to create a team...Joey's Jedis!  Bella was STOKED!  We started doing some fundraising and Bella was the highest earner on our team!  Today was the walk.  We ended up with around 45 people registered as of last night.  I never got a count today to see how many people walked with our team but there were many!  Many of the teachers and staff from their school joined our team, classmates, us, and Joseph's family. 

One of the teachers even contacted a Star Wars costuming group that shows up at different charity events and several of the Star Wars characters showed up today. It was AMAZING even for someone that's not really that in to Star Wars. :)

It was such an awesome day! As I watched Bella and another friend of theirs help push Joseph's wheelchair, take him to each of the tables to get things they were handing out, and make sure that he was having a good time at all times my heart felt so full and my eyes welled up with tears.  It's amazing how we underestimate our kids to actually get it sometimes.  It's not always about us and there is always going to be someone out there that's struggling with something even more than what we are struggling with. 

Joseph has been such a good friend for Bella.  She prays for him every night, prays that his doctors will find a cure for Duchenne, prays that he will be able to run and play with them the next day, and prays that his mommy and daddy will be able to be strong when he's not having a good day. My daughter amazes me daily and I am so thankful that God gave me her.

Here are a few pictures of our day!

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