Friday, March 15, 2013

A Girl and her Loves

For those who know my youngest daughter Jenna you know that her #1 goal in life is to be Dorothy Gale. She LOVES The Wizard of Oz and has spent most of her young life doing what she can to be a modern day Dorothy.

This child will not wear pants because "Dorothy would NEVER wear pants."  I've tried convincing her that Dorothy lived on a farm and would wear pants if she needed to but she to this day doesn't believe me.

We have even been searching for an affordable Cairn Terrier which is the type of dog that Toto was to be our next family pet.

You can imagine the conversation that took place when we hear that the move The Great & Powerful Oz was coming out.  For weeks I've been asked when is Oz coming to the movies? And it FINALLY happened!

Sunday evening we went to see The Great & Powerful Oz.  I wish I could've taken picture during the movie so you could have seen just how in to this movie my precious Jenna was but you will just have to picture a 5 year old little girl on the edge of her seat not blinking once so that she wouldn't miss one moment of this movie. 

I honestly didn't know what to expect when we saw the movie. I made sure she understood it wouldn't have Dorothy in it, most likely wouldn't have any of the other characters in it from The Wizard of Oz but that didn't seem to bother her one bit.

Some days I hope that we will eventually pass this phase of trying to be Dorothy Gale and in some ways she is not as passionate about it as she once was and I do miss that some days.  I am cherishing these moments and thankful that she has chosen Dorothy as a role model instead of some of her many other choices. :)

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