Saturday, May 25, 2013

Graduation Day

When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, my mom told me that she wanted to keep her while I was at work during the day so that I wouldn't have to enroll her in daycare.  When my second came along she offered to keep her as well.  It made going back to work after having my girls so much easier because I knew they were both in great hands.  I've never had to worry about whether they were getting enough attention or if they were being taken care of. It has been such a blessing having my mom and dad have such an important role in helping raise my girls.

When my oldest was 4 I was introduced to a small pre-k program in Forney that some friends from church had their children going to.  I looked in to it and wasn't sure about it because other than church and the occasional day or two that my parents were out town, no one else had really kept Bella. We decided to enroll her in the barn school and I was amazed at how much she learned during the year that she was there and how well she was prepared for Kindergarten.

When Bella graduated Jenna was able to take her place and was able to spend 2 years at the barn instead of just 1 like big sister did.  Today was Jenna's  graduation from Barn School.  I can't believe that I was a little hesitant in the beginning to enroll my girls in this AMAZING school. 

Ms. Rhonda has been such an amazing blessing to my family.  Her mom "Mano" (this is what the kids call her) lives in a neighborhood  here in Forney and has a barn on her property.  I believe it was originally built for her son who had a cabinet business or something like that.  Ms. Rhonda had a vision to turn the barn into a preschool for her children and their friends just to get them ready for Kindergarten and it has turned into a program where she has been able to leave her mark on several children and hopefully hundreds more in the coming years.

School is two days a week from 9:15 - 2:15. When the kids first arrive they drop their stuff near the door and head to their desks to take off their shoes and put their house shoes on for the day.  Then they spend some time snuggling and cuddling with Ms. Rhonda.  The next few hours Ms. Rhonda spends time teaching them their letters, numbers, history, science, music, lost more but most importantly how important it is to live for Jesus.  They also get to go over to Mano's house for lunch and I'm pretty sure there is a lot of love given to the kids over there as well.  I really can't begin to tell you all that they do at school but it is amazing hearing Jenna tell me all of the things she has learned at school every day.

Today Ms. Rhonda started the graduation program off with the kids bringing in the flag and singing America the Beautiful.  Next was a beautiful speech that I've heard a couple of times now but it NEVER gets old.  Ms. Rhonda talked about the foundation that is being built with these kids and how it is helping to shape them for their futures. She talked about the foundation that her parents built and how even though her dad is no longer with us on this earth his prayers are still being answered to this day.

Next the kids got to show off some of the things they have learned this year, each child recited a poem, and they sang several songs including God Bless America which is pretty much the favorite song at the barn.  Then it was time for the graduates to be announced.  I bawled like a baby pretty much the whole ceremony. Partly because it's my baby and she is about to start kindergarten but I cried even more because Ms. Rhonda isn't going to be her teacher anymore.  I know that Rhonda has spent lots of time praying for my daughters, loving on my daughters and she has cared for both of them like they were her own.  There is no doubt that she loves all of the children who come through her school.  She has made such an impact on both of my daughters' lives. Bella has done so well in school so far and I know it has a lot to do with the foundation that was built while she was in pre-k.  I can't wait to see how Jenna does in school.....well I kind of can because I'm totally not ready for her to start school. 

I know that she will be in good hands when she starts school but I'm going to miss her being in Ms. Rhonda's hands every Tuesday and Thursday.  It's really hard to put into words how special Ms. Rhonda is.   Proverbs 31:30-31 sums it up pretty well though "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.31 Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

I will probably never be able to tell Rhonda how much she means to me and my family but I am so thankful that God lead us to her and that HE placed her so perfectly into the lives of me and my children.  She is a precious, precious lady and I know that we will never forget her.  Jenna has already told me how much she is going to miss Ms. Rhonda's hugs and snuggles. Every day that she goes to school she tells me she is going to give Ms. Rhonda all of my snuggles that day. I'm glad that I get to share those with her.


  1. McKinley still cries because she wants to go back to Barn School!!

    1. Aww! I'm sure Jenna will too! She said on the last day that she was really really going to miss Ms. Rhonda!