Thursday, June 13, 2013

Headed Home

So 2 posts in 1 day!! Today was our traveling day to get back home.  Vacation was nice but like Dorothy says "There's no place like home!" 

My parents have become friends with one of our State Representatives.  My mom called him to see about helping us get a tour of the Capitol and he totally came through!  He wasn't there today but some of the guys in his office got it set up for us.  When we got there we found out we were getting a private tour which was super cool! We got to see the old vault, learned about the secret of the star, went all around the Capitol and learned some history as well as some fun facts.  We got to see where all of the voting takes place, the girls found Mr. Gooden's picture on the wall and got their pictures taken near his. We were going to get to get the girls' pictures taken at Governor Perry's desk where he signs all of the laws that pass but there was a meeting going on......we found out later he was passing the new law regarding saying "Merry Christmas" in school.  We were literally on the other side of the door. We got the girls' picture in front of the door so that is neat to know now what he was doing while we were standing there.

It was definitely worth the stop.  It was such a neat experience. The girls learned quite a bit today and they were very interested in all that they saw and learned.  

We also stopped at the Czech bakery and got a kolache.....totally not on my diet but I'm not gonna lie IT WAS GOOD!

We are now back home doing our normal every day routine.  Tomorrow is back to reality for me, I have to go back to work.

We had such a fun week and I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with Jim and the girls this week.  I love creating memories and we created some amazing ones this week!

The girls looking cute before our tour


This is in the old vault. It's just a storage now.

The door to the vault

Listening very closely - why don't they look like that when I'm talking :)

This is in front of the room where Governor Perry was signing the law today about being able to say Merry Christmas at school

You can't see it in the picture but the light bulbs actually spell out Texas - pretty cool!!

Bella standing by Representative Gooden's picture

Jenna standing by Representative Gooden's picture

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