Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Day at Sea World

I left my camera in the car last night and it was pouring down rain so my post about our last fun day of vacation had to wait.

Yesterday morning we headed out to Sea World to spend our last "fun" day on vacation.  It was super hot but so much fun.  We were on a pretty tight budget for vacation this year but we were still able to have lots of fun.  We packed lunches yesterday so that we wouldn't have to spend a ton of money at the park and actually other than parking we only spent $8.64 in the park at Sea World and I call that a SUCCESS!  It was the best $8.64 I've ever spent and it was on a couple of Icee's to help us cool off.

When we got to Sea World we headed over to see the dolphins.  We weren't able to feed them this time but we did get splashed by them once and got to see them swimming around their tank. That was really cool.  We were hoping to get to pet one but they didn't come up where we could pet them.

After the dolphins we headed over to watch the show Azul.  If you are going to Sea World San Antonio you HAVE to see the show Azul.  It is absolutely AMAZING.  We saw it when we were there a couple of years ago and knew we had to see it again this time.  We had to sit in the "Splash Zone" of course but luckily the only thing that really gets you wet at this show is the crazy man that walks around before the show starts.

After Azul we headed to lunch at the car and to get some air conditioning for a few minutes then headed to the HUGE splash pad in the kids area.  They have a Sesame Street theme in the kids are and it is lots of fun over there. I'm pretty sure our girls could have spent all day there and been absolutely fine.

After the splash pad we headed to see Shamu.  Now Bella and Jim wanted to sit on the 1st row but I was not about to do that.  I've been to Sea World a few times so I know better.  Jim & Bella remembered getting splashed last time and wanted to get super splashed this time so we compromised and sat mid-ways down in the splash zone.  I knew we were going to get wet but I didn't think we were going to get DRENCHED.  The guy came over just as Shamu was getting ready to splash and told all of the kids to come down in the aisles if they wanted to get really wet so my girls ran down there.  Let me just say that the water was like something that came out of the arctic when it was literally breath taking.  I got soaked and my husband well the left side of his shirt got wet and that was about it.  How did that happen?????  LOL! The girls thought it was hilarious.  I love Shamu so it was okay.

 We had a lot of fun on our last day.  The smiles on the girls faces were priceless and we have a lot of great memories from Sea World and I'm sure we will be heading back before too long.

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