Saturday, August 10, 2013

Splish Splash

I just realized it's been forever since I wrote a blog post.  After vacation, the summer has been pretty dull for the most part.  That's the bad thing about taking vacation at the very beginning of summer. We may have to space it out a little farther out next year.

The girls have had lots of fun this summer, Gigi takes them swimming almost every day while mommy & daddy are at work. They've also gotten to go visit with some of mommy's friends while Gigi & Papa were out of town. So their summer hasn't been as uneventful as mommy & daddy's. :)

We decided this week that we need a family fun day! Today was the first Saturday in about three weeks that we haven't had something going on so we decided to head out to Canton, Texas and visit the Splash Kingdom waterpark.

We haven't been out there in a long time so it was fun to go back and spend the day with the girls. It is a very family friendly waterpark and there is a lot of things for the kids, even the small kids.  In fact, there aren't that many slides that kids can't do.  The kids area is huge and there is plenty to keep everyone in the family occupied.

Sadly, I didn't get ANY pictures today.  When we were leaving I realized I had not taken any picture and felt horrible BUT I was so busy having fun playing with the girls it just slipped my mind.

It was a great day and I'm so glad we decided to spend it in the water.  Lord knows it's hot enough outside. :)

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