Friday, March 14, 2014


Well it has been quite an eventful week in the Davis house! 

About 2 weeks ago we found out I was pregnant. I took 7 home tests and one at my regular doctor's office because I was so surprised. We thought we were done with that phase of our lives but God has a way of surprising us sometimes.  The doctor that delivered my girls retired so the hunt began for a new doctor. The one I chose couldn't get me until this past Wednesday. The suspense of hearing the heartbeat was killing me! 

Well they started my appointment off with a sonogram to try and determine my due date. We saw 2 blobs and I thought it was just maybe the head and stomach. I said is that it?? The lady that was doing the sonogram says "Ms. Tamara, there are 2 babies in there!" Jim flew out of his chair and was like no way, I started laughing and crying. She said yep there are 2 babies! You are having twins! Wow! Oh and ten she throws out that I'm already 20 weeks. We were thinking I was about 8.

The rest of the appointment is kind of a blur but I do know that so far the babies look healthy and had very strong heartbeats. Baby #1 was at 154 and Baby #2 was 160. 

They are in separate sacs separated by a thin membrane. Being separated is a good thing, they can't get tangled in each other's cords. We go see a specialist on Wednesday to find out if they are sharing a placenta or have their own and then we will find out the sex. They were being modest the other day so we couldn't tell. There is definitely a chance they are identical. 

It's been a crazy week but I have to say that God is good and I know He has something big planned for these babies! I can't wait to meet them. They've started moving around this week and I had forgotten how awesome that felt.

We would appreciate all the prayers we can get for a safe pregnancy, their development and that they stay put until it's safe for them to make their entrance in this world. 

Here are the pictures we got Wednesday.

This first one has both of their heads in it. If you look closely you can see them 

This next one is baby #1. It is lying face down so all you can really see is its spine

And the last one is baby #2 and you can see its sweet profile! 

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  1. They are so sweet! :) I can't wait for this...luckily we only have to wait half the time! Love you ALL