Sunday, May 4, 2014

Update on the twins

A lot of you have heard by now that I'm currently in the hospital on bed rest, so I wanted to update on what's going on.

Thursday afternoon I started having a sharp pain in my side, wasn't a big huge deal but it hurt.  It came back on Friday afternoon as I was walking back to my office from my car. It came on way worse than it did on Thursday and wouldn't go away so I called my doc to see if they could get me in to make sure everything was okay.  It turns out the pain was just a pregnancy pain, one of the twins had kicked me in the ribs or something silly like that, but I'm glad that they did it because the doc found a potential problem during my exam.

The twins have decided they might want to make an early appearance which we do not want. SO, the doc did a sonogram and ran a test that tells if I could go into labor in the next two weeks and it came back positive.  This doesn't mean I will for sure go into labor in the next 2 weeks but things are progressing where it's definitely a possibility so out of an abundance of caution they went ahead and admitted me to the hospital to do bed rest where they can keep a close eye on me and the babies.

There is a chance in a couple of weeks if things stay the same or get better that I will be able to go home and do bed rest at home but for now hospital bed rest is what it is. It's definitely not what I was hoping for but I've got to do what's best for these precious babies. It's really hard being away from my girls but I am so thankful for my amazing parents who have stepped up and are taking care of them for me and Jim so that Jim can be here with me.

With all that said, please be praying that the babies stay put, we need them to stay put at least 6-8 more weeks would be ideal. Thankfully they are past the point where something really bad could happen but if they come now they will definitely have a longer road ahead of them.  So just pray that they will stay put, pray for me because I'm having a really hard time being away from my girls. Also, please pray for Jim because he's having a hard time knowing exactly where he needs to be at this time and definitely pray for my parents!!

God has a plan and I am trusting and knowing that His plans are always perfect!

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  1. Praying for strength and peace for your family and you. God has this under control like u said. I admire your courage and patience. :)