Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mixed Emotions

We have this great group on Facebook in Forney called the Treasure Exchange. It's basically an online garage sale where you can go post items and sell them, usually you can get a little more than you would if it were an actual garage sale.  It's a really neat site and I've made some $ on it and also gotten some great deals on it as well.

Well as the people who know me well know I have the most amazing mother in the whole world. She keeps my girls for me so that I don't have to pay for daycare. Along with that she will usually come by the house once a week or so and get laundry to help me out and stuff like that. Well she has been bagging up the girls clothes for me as they grow out of them so that I can post them on the Treasure Exchange and try to make a little extra money.

So tonight I was going through the girls clothes getting ready to take picture and post them and it hit me kind of hard. I no longer have babies! I'm going through these clothes and they are sizes, 3, 4, and some 5T sizes. My babies aren't babies anymore and I'm probably not going to be having any more babies unless by some miracle we get rich and come into a bigger house. LOL! Actually Jim says we are done so I guess we are.

As I'm sitting there fighting back some tears it also hit me that it's not so bad not having a baby in the house. The girls are growing up and yes it's way too fast for my liking but they are becoming little individuals.  They are more independent now and most days I'm okay with that and actually enjoy the fact that they can get themselves dressed most of the time and in most cases they can wipe their own butts. Yes the poop gets grosser you new moms!

I have such an amazing opportunity in front of me. I'm getting to raise these two precious little girls. That is kind of scary if you really think about it! These girls are so amazing though and I am so so so so thankful that God chose me to be their mommy!

I'm okay with the fact that I don't have a baby and I'm okay with the fact that my babies are growing up because in all reality they will ALWAYS be my babies!

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