Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Whew! I can't believe it's already Sunday night. Why do the weekends always go by so fast?

I have had an amazing weekend.  Our church had a ladies retreat on Friday night & Saturday and to say it was amazing was really putting it mildly.  I had really debated about going because it was an overnight retreat and since I work full time outside the home I don't like to fill my weekends up with activities that don't involve my girls very often.  I've spent the night away from them a few times but that has really only been times that mommy & daddy just needed a night away or they were spending the night with their Gigi & Papa or auntie.  I got a call a few weeks ago from a friend asking if I could help out with a portion of the retreat so I decided that I would go.  I am so glad that I did. I missed my girls and my husband but it was a great retreat.  I enjoyed getting to know some people that I knew but not really well and then also building relationships with friends that I already have. 
Our study was based in Ruth and that has become one of my favorite stories in the Bible so I loved diving into that book! What an amazing story and what an awesome portrayal of God's love for us.

One of the activities that we did at the end which just happened to be the section I was leading was we took little sticky notes and wrote words of affirmation to other ladies at the conference and then we went around the room sticking them on each other.  It was a lot of fun! I love too that on most of the sticky notes I received, I don't know who wrote them.....this also bothers me a little because I want to tell that/those person/people thank you for the sweet words of encouragement.  Not knowing though makes it special too. So some of the things that were written about me were: Beautiful (yeah I'm thinking they may have stuck these on the wrong person), You are such a blessing, Loving friend, you're gifted, I love you, You rock at Go Fish (we played games on Friday night and one of the games was Go Fish haha!), You sing like what I expect the angels will sing like (this person was just way too sweet), Rejoice in the Lord for He is good (AMEN!!), and Seek wisdom, He'll lead you.  Whoever wrote that one has no idea how much I needed that one this weekend.

I am so thankful for the ladies at our church and the friendships that I have with them.  A lot of them have watched me grow up and they love me anyway.

I got home yesterday afternoon and of course was so happy to see my girls and they were happy to see me. I love when I walk in the room and they still will stop what they are doing and yell mama and run to me with arms wide open and joy on their faces. They even do this some days when I get home from work. They will never know how much joy that brings me.  I can have the worst day and then come home to that and it's like nothing else happened that day.

Today was a MESS!! The girls woke up this morning and from the beginning they were fighting.  Getting ready for church was a battle and then the worst headache I've had in a while came on while we were driving to church.  Then as I'm dropping the girls off for Sunday School, Jenna starts bawling as I leave her and that always makes me feel horrible. I have to say when the music started this morning I just cried.  Then after church we were heading to our home group and I had cooked beans in the crockpot this morning to go with the tacos we were going to have at A2 group, well apparently when I put the lid on the Tupperware bowl that I was carrying them in, it didn't get closed all the way and as we were driving down the road I feel this horrific burning sensation on my leg and look down and I'm covered in bean juice.  I didn't think Jim was ever going to get the car pulled over so I could get the lid back on them. So I literally spilled the beans this afternoon. haha!! I kept reminding myself that the day could always be worse.

Then as I'm looking around on Facebook tonight I came across this quote by Beth Moore who is one of my favorite authors/speakers.  She said "Even the worst day of your life, God can redeem.  He can go back, pick that thing up and bring about a complete transformation.  The devil will be sorry he ever messed with you." This wasn't the worst day of my life by any means but this quote really helped me put in to perspective how I view things.  I love that God can take anything ugly and turn it into something beautiful!

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