Saturday, February 2, 2013

Date my spouse?

Before I was married I used to hear people talk about dating their spouse. I would mostly think how dumb that sounded. I mean you live together, you're married, why would you need to date them?
Well now I'm married and have been for almost 9 years and I get it now. I love my children and I love spending time and energy with them but sometimes it's just nice to get away with the hubster and spend some much needed alone time together. I feel like we can so easily get lost in being Bella and Jenna's parents that we forget we are Jim and Tamara's spouse, I know I do. So last night we got a much needed date night. I won a prize at my company Christmas party that included dinner and a one night stay at a local hotel. My precious sister offered to keep the girls for me and me and Jim got to spend an evening going on a date. It was nice to get a little break and just spend time one on one with the man I love!

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