Friday, February 8, 2013

Dancing the night away

Tonight Bella's school had their 1st Daddy Daughter dance.  Those of you who know my husband know that he's not much of a social butterfly so I was very surprised when he said that he would go.  Well I wasn't really surprised because there is one thing for sure about Mr. Davis and that is that he LOVES his daughters and would do anything for them.  That is one of the things I love most about him!  He did wait to see if Bella brought it up before volunteering to go and she did so he agreed. 

Then we got free tickets to go see the Dallas Stars play tonight and Bella decided she wanted to do that instead of the dance but then today after school decided she really wanted to go to the dance so off mom went on a frantic search to find a last minute wrist corsage for daddy to give his date and make sure we had a dress for her to wear and all that good stuff. :)

There were NO wrist corsages at any of the florists in Forney.  I wasn't surprised but I had hoped they would have something they could throw together real quick like for me but that wasn't happening. So off to Brookshire's I went where I found a couple of roses and some baby's breath and decided I could attempt to make my own.  I definitely won't be going in the floral business but here is what I was able to throw together.

Then we looked through Bella's closet to find the perfect dress which happened to be the dress she wore for Christmas this year. Thankfully she wasn't being high maintenance and decided to wear a dress she already had. So we got her dressed, fixed her hair and mommy let her wear just an itty bit of lipstick and an itty bit of mascara. 
Then she headed to the living room to show daddy how beautiful she looked.  She had an awesome time at the dance.  Jim said they didn't do much dancing which I'm sure just broke his heart. ;) She had a great time though and that was all that matters.  He even scored a few brownie points for giving up tickets to see the Stars play to go to a dance with his baby girl.
Here are a few more pictures of daddy & Bella's first dance.


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