Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

This post is a little late but I haven't had time to really sit down to write about it. :)

Bella is in 1st grade this year.  I was chosen to be the room mom for her class this year.  It hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it might be.  Luckily I have a friend that has a child a year older than Bella that was able to give me several great pointers and since she is so amazing I gladly let her share any ideas she was willing to share with me.

The Valentine's day party was a lot of fun.  The teachers in 1st grade decided to do a pizza party which was super easy and then each class did what they wanted to as far as sweets go.  A friend of mine got married a couple of years ago and at the reception they did a "sweets bar."  It was a really neat idea so I talked to Bella's teacher about doing that for the dessert part of the party and she was excited about it.  It gave the kids the freedom to make their own little bags of sweets while also giving them a task where they wouldn't eat so much candy.....or at least hopefully not.  I had the moms bring stuff like gummy bears, marshmallows, m&m's, and skittles.  We didn't do a whole lot of candy but enough to give them a few choices.

I also took on the task of making boxes for all of the kids to put their valentines in.  I wasn't thinking when I volunteered about how time consuming it could have been but I'm still glad I did it. I had a lot of fun because I love crafting so much and the kids really seemed to like their boxes.  I used shoe boxes for most of the boxes and when I started running out of shoe boxes my genius sister mentioned using cereal boxes and I wished then I would've done cereal boxes from the beginning. Oh well! I'll remember that for next time. :)

The party was a success! Below are a few pictures from the fun day.

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