Monday, June 10, 2013

To the Zoo

Today was our first fun day on vacation.  We woke up this morning and headed to the lobby for breakfast.  Thankfully our friend was feeling much better this morning (loved that the girls prayers got answered they way we hoped for last night :) ) so we had a day full of fun!

After breakfast we headed out to the San Antonio Zoo.  It was HOT outside but other than that it was a great day! We got to see lots of animals and then when we were done headed back to the hotel for some swimming.  The girls really wanted to go swimming last night but there were some very interesting looking people in our hotel pool and I decided it was best to wait until today to hit the pool. So after the zoo the girls got to swim for a little while and then this evening we headed back to the River Walk for some Mexican food at Casa Rio and then in true Lemons family fashion we headed out for some ice cream because well, that's what we do. The girls may be Davis' but they have some Lemons in there too. :)

Tomorrow we will be doing some more sightseeing and of course having lots of fun. Can't wait!!

Here are some pictures of our day today!

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